Sunday, 6 December 2015

Astol Pool Cleaning Robots - Cleaning Machines

Astol Pool Cleaning Robots
Robotic 6th Sense Technology:

  • Smart Programming
  • Working on smart Z- Programming
  • It have also Some random motion. (random motion are required because all pools are not com platelet rectangular)
  • Injury Protection. (the motors automatically stop within second after taken out from water)
  • Auto off (automatically off after end of cleaning cycle)
  • Auto wall cleaning (astol pool cleaning robot can clime upto 10 Fit)
Chemical and energy saves:
Astol robots saves 30% Chemical and 90% Energy.

Pre-programmed timer:
Astol robots have 3 Pre- programmed timing option.

Fine filtration: 
The porosity of filter bag is 70 micron, which is smaller than thickness of human hair.

Water proofing:
The Main unit has very high water ingress Protection (IP 68). This is very good for electronics products.

Additional accessories:
Caddy cart

Inside the box:

1.    Remote
2.    Filter bags
3.    Main Unit
4.    Power Box
5.    Guide Vane
6.    Synchronous Belt 2
7.    Impeller

For more details contact: Astol Cleantech Pvt. Ltd.