Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cleaning commercial wooden floors

The use of wood as a floor covering has grown significantly over the last few years both in the commercial and domestic markets. Whilst using wood is an attractive and decorative material it does present its own problems when it comes to cleaning.

One thing that separates a hardwood floor in a domestic environment from that used in a commercial one is that there is a lot more of it. Most wooden floors have had a seal applied to it to protect against spillages, so regular vacuuming and a wipe over with a well wrung out mop is sufficient to keep the floor clean. In a commercial setting, however, this would be labour and time intensive and this is where floor cleaning machines come in.

To replace the mop the ideal machine is the scrubber dryer which gives the same result as mopping but without the aching back for the person wielding the mop! A scrubber dryer will vacuum, scrub and dry a floor surface in one pass, to reduce cleaning time and minimize any disruption. The machine uses rotating pads to apply cleaning solution and agitate it into the floor surface and the resultant residue is then collected by a system of squeegees and removed into a collection tank. These machines can be used on a variety of different types of floor which makes them an important part of many commercial floor cleaning regimes.

A rotary disc floor buffer is another machine invaluable for ensuring wooden floors are kept to a high standard. This machine uses a single rotating disc which is fitted with a cleaning pad suitable for the appropriate cleaning job. For instance for polishing, a pad with a fine fibre would be used which is specifically designed to achieve a gloss type finish. Other pads can be used with various levels of abrasiveness depending on the depth of cleaning required. Wooden floors are normally sealed to protect the surface from stains and marking but, over time this wears away and needs re-sealing. The old sealant then has to be removed to prepare the surface for a new protective coating and the floor buffer can be used to achieve that. Using a pad of a coarser texture the old seal can be stripped away and the surface made ready for the re-application of the sealant. This type of work is best done by a professional contractor who understands the capacity of the floor buffer and the best type of sealant to apply.

There is a huge variety of different floor coverings available these day and even wood is more complicated than it first appears. For example is the wood solid or a laminate, is it finished or unfinished and to what level can it be abraded if a new coating is required. These types of questions will determine what type of cleaning machine is best suited to the type of floor. Many floor cleaning machines have been developed to be suitable for a variety of floors, so when selecting one it is best to take advice from an expert.