Thursday, 14 August 2014

Carpet Cleaning and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

Maintaining the carpet, or other floor covering, in a commercial environment is an important, if sometimes unconsidered, part of any good housekeeping regime. The question is why is it important? And how best to do it?

Carpet in commercial premises represents a significant investment so one major reason for looking after it is to protect that investment, a pretty good reason in itself. One less obvious reason for keeping a carpet well maintained is that it looks better, both from an employee’s and visitor’s point of view. If a carpet is dirty and has the appearance of being uncared for it sends a message to the workforce and others that the company is equally uncaring in other aspects of their business.

So we have established that caring for the carpet is a significant activity, the question then is how is it done?

Getting the basics right

  • Starting from first principles, the ease or otherwise of cleaning a commercial carpet depends on the quality of the carpet installed. Selecting the right carpet for a particular application can determine the amount of maintenance required. For instance you wouldn’t put a handmade Turkish carpet in an office environment unless you wanted to replace it on a regular basis.
  • The carpet selected should be fit for its purpose – high traffic areas will need one type, perhaps predominately nylon based, whereas in another area, say in a customer facing environment a more luxurious carpet with a wool base may be more appropriate.
  • Colour is important as well. As we all know patterned or darker colour carpets show less signs of soiling in between cleaning.

Using carpet cleaning machines

  • The most obvious cleaning machine is the vacuum cleaner. The efficient removal of dirt from a carpet is dependent to a large extent on the quality of the vacuum cleaner as well as how it is used. It is important that the dirt is collected in the machine and not allowed to become airborne and settle elsewhere. Particular attention should be given to heavy pedestrian traffic areas as well as the perimeter edges where dirt can build up, if not removed, which can leave dark lines.
  • No matter how efficient the vacuuming regime may have been there will be occasions when deeper carpet cleaning is required. This is where a carpet machine to extract the dirt should be employed, which will remove the dirt which has lodged deeper in the pile of the carpet. By introducing chemicals in solution with water and agitating it into the carpet the dirt can be separated from the carpet fibres, which the extractor then removes by means of a vacuum. It is worth bearing in mind that as a carpet extraction machine is not something used every day there is always an option to hire.

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