Sunday, 26 October 2014

Industrial Sweeper

The need for sweeping the floor in the industrial and commercial environment is a significant requirement of any cleaning regime. The industrial sweeper has evolved over time to be a significant tool in the fight against dirt in the workplace

Industrial Sweeper – How Does it Work?

The operation of an industrial sweeper is basically quite simple and consists of one or two disc brushes which rotate and sweep the dirt back into the machine. The dirt is swept by a cylindrical brush, back into a collection tank for subsequent disposal. On the face of it quite straightforward, but there are many factors to consider when operating or purchasing a machine

Industrial Sweeper – Salient Points
  • Brush Type – depends on the type of dirt being collected. For instance, to collect heavy deposits a stiffer, rougher brush should be used whereas for lighter dirt or dust then a thinner more flexible brush should be used.
  • Type – Does the machine need to be a ride-on or walk behind (pedestrian) version. This is dependent on the size of area being cleaned and the access to it.
  • Power – If it is engine powered consideration must be given if it is to be used inside to ventilation with regard to exhaust fumes. If it is battery powered then the charge life and type should be considered.
  • Ease of Use – It should be easy to use by a variety of operators and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue.
  • Adjustable- Things like the brushes should be adjustable to ensure good contact with the floor. Some machines has a self levelling system to maintain good contact on a variety of floor surfaces.
  • Design – It should be robust as it is being used in an industrial environment. Consideration should be given to access for maintenance and cleaning.

There are many other things to consider such as filtration, programmable controls and auto stop safety features. There is undoubtedly much to think about before purchasing an industrial sweeper. To make the right purchase it is best to talk to the experts in cleaning equipment at Astol Cleantech (P) Limited, who have the knowledge and products to ensure you get best machine at the best price.