Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bottom - Line Burnisher Benefits

Burnishers can enhance a facility’s image with clean and shiny floors. Remarkably, experience indicates that distributors don’t aggressively market burnishers, or other high-end cleaning equipment for that matter.

These days, anything a distributor can do to lower costs - especially labor costs - is of interest to customers. In tight times, distributors can make their mark by informing end users of the increased productivity burnishers offer.

Though burnishers offer some unique benefits, they also create some challenges. The majority of these problems can be resolved with good training and a quality preventive maintenance program. Obviously, there are safety precautions that operators must follow when using any piece of powered equipment.

High shine floor finish: Since burnishers operate at high speeds, the interaction between the burnishing pad and the floor finish creates a high shine, often called the wet look.

Burnishers cover large areas in minimal time: Supermarkets are a good example of how burnishers cover large areas in minimal time. Often, one can visit a supermarket late at night and see dull floors, and only a few hours later, in the morning, the floors are clean and shining.

Saving labor dollars: Since burnishers decrease the amount of time needed to polish floors, there is a significant savings of labor dollars.

Image of the overall facility: When floors are clean with a high shine, the overall facility looks clean. Light also reflects better off a highly polished floor.

Safe floors: Clean and well-maintained floors are safe floors. A good floor cleaning and burnishing program provides a clean, slip-resistant surface for customers to walk on.

Compatibility with floor finishes: There are innumerable floor finishes manufactured today for use with high-speed burnishers. Indeed, many floor finishes are specifically designed to provide a high gloss level that is enhanced by high-speed equipment.

Ergonomics: When operated properly, a burnisher can alleviate some of the stress an operator experiences with slower-speed equipment.

Competitiveness: To stay competitive, end users are looking for every opportunity to produce quality floor finishes at the least possible cost. Burnishers are a great tool to use in controlling operating costs.

Power choices and sizes: Burnishers can be electric, battery-operated or propane-operated. In addition, machines have a variety of burnishing paths, suitable for small to very large areas.