Thursday, 3 July 2014

Buying guide for floor cleaning equipment

Some things to consider before buying or hiring floor cleaning equipment:
  •  Think about what types of surface (or surfaces) are to be cleaned. If there are different surfaces will a single machine be able to cope?
  •  The physical size of the cleaning area determines the size of machine needed. The cleaning width of the floor sweeper or scrubber dyer will give an indication of how much cleaning can be done, and most machines give a floor area performance indication in their technical details to show the area that can be cleaned in an hour.
  • The power source is important – mains, rechargeable battery or engine powered. The type of motive power is determined mainly by the physical area being cleaned, for a smaller area a mains powered machine is probably adequate, but the complication of a trailing lead becomes more significant, and potentially hazardous, in larger areas where battery power would be better.
  • The type of dirt or debris being removed should also be considered. Light dust or deposits will require a machine of different duty than oily or hard to remove dirt.
  • An industrial floor cleaning machine is often used in an environment where it can be subject to knocks and bangs so robustness is important to ensure good service and machine longevity.
There is much to think about before buying floor cleaning equipment and before buying it might be an idea to hire a similar machine to make sure it is the right type for you purposes. Because of the complexity and variety of these machines it is advisable and obvious really, to get advice from a reliable source in order to make an informed decision, as it is a significant financial commitment.