Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Benefits of Single Disc Scrubber Machines

Single Disc Scrubber Machines are known to provide the best cleaning results compared to any other machine. They are one of the least expensive machines with a wide array of tasks that can be performed with a single machine with just the right change of brush or pad. The single disc scrubber essentially replicates the human action of cleaning, by using a rotating disc, which is in contact with the floor to scrub, buff and polish the area as required. Just that it employs more pressure and speed to clean the floors faster and with greater efficacy compared to manual cleaning. Single disc scrubbers are compact and most easy to be transported via smaller vehicles or public transportation systems to various sites with minimum damages and transport hassles. This makes it a favourite for the in-and-out service job industry people who provide carpet shampooing, marble/ granite polishing, residential spring cleaning services and 1-time cleaning services in offices or small workshops. Single Disc Scrubbers are preferred also because they:

  • Reduce recurring labour costs as lesser number of manpower will be required for cleaning a given area
  • Reduce training and labour turnover costs
  • Improve quality and consistency of cleaning
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by speeding up the cleaning process
  • Maintain level of hygiene and
  • Increase safety standards

Single disc floor scrubber is the single most important machine for the hospitality industry along with the vacuum cleaners. Be it hotels, hospitals, housekeeping service providers or specialized service providers like carpet shampooing and floor polishing, the single disc scrubber has served these segments sincerely and provided its users with generous profits. Every hotel from a 1-star hotel to a 5-star hotel, we can find a single disc scrubber being used, whether it is for marble polishing, carpet shampooing, floor cleaning, wooden floor sanding, buffing etc. Hospitals and laboratories frequently need single disc scrubbers to revitalize the floor polish that has been applied. They can also be used for cleaning under the beds as larger scrubber dryers cannot reach into such compact spaces.

Even in engineering industries where the layer of muck (oil or grease from machines that sticks with dirt to form a sticky layer on the floor) is large enough to make the floors look very dirty with uneven muck deposits, single disc scrubbers can be used with wire brushes and appropriate degreasing chemicals and the original floors can be restored to their earlier glory. This process of cleaning is called scarification.

Even as the market for larger machines is growing at a rapid rate, single disc scrubbers will never fall out of contention and will always be the highest selling floor maintenance machine across the world. Their versatility and ability to perform newer maintenance tasks by using newer accessories always helps in getting new clientele. As the boundaries of service providers are increasingly becoming blurred, an altogether new segment has emerged, of civil contractors who are into floor polishing activities and use the conventional Frankfurt machines. With each passing day, more and more such contractors are impressed by the benefits of using single disc scrubbers combined with diamond polishing pads for floor polishing and have adopted this technology rapidly.

In fact, their demand for heavier range and duty machines in single disc category has lead to the development of larger machines with higher motor powers and heavier weights. Floor polishers across the world now prefer to work with single disc scrubbers.

Variable speed machines instead of single or 2-speed machines are being favoured. The hospitality industry feels that with multiple floor and carpet maintenance operations to be performed, it is ideal to keep one machine with variable speeds instead of different machines with different speeds. Around 10-15 years ago, not many could have envisioned that single disc scrubbers would be used with diamond pads for grinding and honing of stone floors.

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